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Creating a Tribute Fund in support of Shooting Star Chase Hospice is a special way to remember and celebrate the life of someone special.

Donate to your Fund

Donating to your Fund

You can add to your loved one’s fund in lots of different ways. As a one off gift, a regular gift on special anniversaries, donations instead of presents at a celebration, or donations in lieu of flowers at a funeral. If you are feeling active you could take part in a sponsored event like our Sunrise Walk a marathon or even a sky dive! Find out more here.

Other ways to support us

To find out more call us on 01932 823100 or email: hello@

Shooting Star Chase

Our aim is to make every day count for local families with a child or teenager not expected to reach their 19th birthday.

Caring for a sick child is incredibly tiring and the stress can often be overwhelming for a parent or carer, especially if there are other siblings or family members also requiring time and attention.

Whilst the NHS offers families medical and practical treatment, there is inadequate provision for respite care or general day-to-day support that families need so desperately.

This is why we exist, and why we rely on public support to keep providing a vital service for families going through the toughest of times.

We want to make every day count.

Visit Shooting Star Chase:

Thank you for Supporting us

Thank-you for Supporting Us

You are a star. Thank you for making every moment count for those families that need our help, it makes an amazing difference.

In loving memory

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